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Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone to share stories and photos of their trips or vacations. Then what do you want to show or share from your own? Is it only just a nice picture and a general story from a place that is known to many people? If you want to get unique stories and unusual photos, then try new experiences in a trip to indigenous communities.


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Messages from indigenous communities

Economic independence for indigenous peoples

It can be said that the conditions of indigenous peoples in Indonesia are still tinged with many sad stories. Thousands of indigenous communities or millions of people who inhabit areas rich in natural resources and rich in culture, still have not received full recognition from the State. Not infrequently they also get discrimination treatment of social political policies. They are treated only as objects of policy. On the other hand, the lack of skills and education makes indigenous peoples considered lazy and easy victims of expropriation of their customary territories.


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Let's promote responsible tourism

Indonesia with eastern traditions is known as a polite and friendly people. Of course as visitors you must also pay attention to customs and habits of local. With the concept of indigenous community-based tourism, we would like to invite anyone to implement a responsible travel ethics, so as to create a pleasant atmosphere of travel without harming anyone.



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My trip to Komodo island
One of my unforgettable vacation was when I went to Labuan Bajo. All six days full of exploration and every places I stopped always gave sensation. How about this one? I got all my body bumps and itchy after snorkeling in Kanawa beach.
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