Maturity ritual for Nuaulu girls

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What if a girl who having her first menstruation is freed from work or daily routine activities? You can have it if you are a girl from Nuaulu indigenous community in Seram Island, Maluku. This treatment also does to women who just given birth. They will be treated as special. A special hut was prepared specifically for them to just rest.

This tradition has been carried out since the time of their ancestors.
Pinamou. That’s the call for girls who is in the ritual of maturity. While women who have just ave birth are called Makasusue.

They will be placed in Possune or hut houses behind their family’s house. The hut is a one room full of palm leaves knitted one by one. The roof frame is made of bamboo and the foundation is tied to rattan. There could be at one time more than 5 Pinamou women living in Possune. Of course, depending on the size of the hut.

A Pinamou will do a Numaonate ritual, given maturity signs like wearing a piece of sarong covering chest to knee, while other part of body covered in black powder pounded from special wood. But it’s only one day ritual. The next day the body will be cleansed and the girl may return to her parents’ home.

By: Syahadatul Khaira