My trip to Komodo island

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One of my unforgettable vacation was when I went to Labuan Bajo. All six days full of exploration and every places I stopped always gave sensation. How about this one? I got all my body bumps and itchy after snorkeling in Kanawa beach.

Google said that’s because the defense system of coral and marine biota against stranger. I didn’t do anything harm as I remember, but that’s ok because at least I have this experience to tell every time people ask about those bumps. about

We were six people join an open trip. Some are my friends and others I just know when we met on the first day. So that afternoon was the time to know each other.

We started early morning on second day. Until that day I just knew Komodo island, the one famous around the world. But Jeffar our guide, didn’t take us directly to that island. First we hop on Padar island, relaxing on the beach and hike up a hill. It was very hot that day.

Foto bersama saat menuju bukit di pulau Kelor.
On the way to the hill, Padar island (photo: alfa gumilang) 

At a moment I was in doubt to go hiking. The sun seems very close to us and there’s only one tree on top of the hill. But hey… we already here, shut up and go! Hahaha. One friend could not continue hiking. I fought the hot weather, tired and thirsty, wondering what view would I get on top.

I took deep inhale when I reach the top. Stunning view! And I suddenly realized this is the amazing view I see spread out on instagram. Well, everyone took their camera or mobile phone and started clik! clik! clik!

Pemandangan di atas bukit di pulau Kelor.
View from top of Padar island (photo: alfa gumilang)

I wish there’s a cottage or resort up here, then spend a night would be perfect. (About a year after my trip I read that there was a plan to build resort here, and lot of rejection show up worrying the environmental damage. I feel very sorry then 🙂 )

Pink Beach was our next destination. Without too much talking, we jumped into the water. So fresh! Beautiful corals and little fishes really spoiled our time of snorkeling. We took lunch on the beach. Jeffar the guide remind us not to bring the pinky sand. A nice guide with full concern of environment, and of course sustainable tourism.

Pink Beach di kepulauan Komodo.
Pink Beach (photo: alfa gumilang)

Almost dark that day, we docked to an island. I sat on the edge of the boat starring mangroves in front of me. Dozen of boats also there. It was almost dusk when suddenly hundreds of bats flew around us to the mangroves. What a superb moment before finish the day.

Jeffar asked us to stay at his house in Komodo island. He is a resident of that island. So we all stay at his living room. “Don’t you scare with the Komodo? What if they come to this village?” we all asked him the same question while enjoying our dinner.

He just smiled. This is definitely a question that has been asked thousands of times. “We already live here from hundred years ago, from my great great grandfather. We are just get used to it. Komodo already being part of our life”, he said.

He continued that local people sometimes give offerings to the dragon. Chicken, flowers, even cigarettes. For them, komodo is not just animal, but their ancestors whi live together with them.

10 o’clock electricity shut down. Well in this island, power not running 24 hours. That gave us sign of course to get rest. Tomorrow we are going to see the pre-historic lizard. Beberapa wisawatan saat sedang mengambil gambar komodo.

Couple of tourists took picture of Komodo (photo: alfa gumilang)

The next morning we were ready to see Komodo. Jeffar joined us. Normally one group of visitor should be accompany by one ranger. But at the entry gate, a ranger who know each other with Jeffar, said that we will be just fine only with Jeffar. He took a big twigs and lead us the way.

First he asked us if nobody had menstruation because Komodo can smell blood and that could attract them to come close to us. “Do not make sudden moves or swinging your bag”, he warned us.

It was like a scene on horror movie when we entered the forest area. Rocky paths, shade trees and vines on our left and right. It was quiet and rather dark. The sound of crows snapping really brought the atmosphere. Then in an open field, two dragons appeared, drinking water from a puddle.

There’s another group of visitor with their guide explaining something. We were just busy taking pictures. After thirty minutes we walked again to other areas of the island. Along the way, we saw some dragons ran fast.

After a while in Komodo island we have to get back on the boat. We sailed to an area of manta ray. Of course you can swim and snorkeling to see them. Next destination was Kanawa island. We spent night there. Jeffar offered us local wine called sopi, and that night was full of laughs.

Kanawa island is one of a good spot for snorkeling. We did that before leaving to Labuan Bajo, and here where I got my bumps. We docked at Labuan Bajo at afternoon, say goodbye and thank you to Jeffar. We spent our two days in Labuan Bajo. We went to Cunca Rami waterfall, cermin cave and Liang Bua.

Foto Pak Jefar, guide kami selama mengarungi kepulauan Komodo.
Jeffar, our guide. (photo: alfa gumilang)

People said that travelling relieve stress. Yes, if you know where you want to go and what you want to do. Of course sometimes you’ll get surprise, that’s what makes your trip more experiential. I am just not sure if my bumps are the best experience for me. Hahaha.

By: Alfa Gumilang


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