About us

Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone to share stories and photos of their trips or vacations. Then what do you want to show or share from your own? Is it only just a nice picture and a general story from a place that is known to many people? If you want to get unique stories and unusual photos, then try new experiences in a trip to indigenous communities.

Meet local people with their simplicity, get acquainted with their culture, experience their daily life, spend nights in traditional houses, or even in open air in the forest, on the banks of rivers and beaches, and of course taste the local cuisine. All things you have never imagined before.

In Indonesia, from east to west, from Sumatra to Papua, you will find a rich variety of cultures that still maintain and carry out local knowledge and traditions of their ancestral heritage. Along with their efforts to preserve the nature they live in.

Nusantara Kita or literally means Our Archipelago, are please to take you to Indonesia indigenous tour with a hope that there will be new experiences you get that cannot be found in your home. We work closely with an organisation of indigenous people in Indonesia (AMAN) to encourage the emergence of indigenous community-based tourist destinations. People themselves must manage tourism in their own place, along with the preservation of local wisdom, culture and nature.

We follow the basic principles of the development of Indigenous People Tourism by referring to the 2012 Larrakia Declaration, namely:
• Full respect for customary law, land and water, local knowledge, expression and cultural heritage in all tourism activities
• Fully support local culture, will safeguard and promote it through responsible and sustainable tourism practices
• Encourage indigenous people to determine their own tourism management
• Establish equal cooperation with indigenous people in terms of sharing economic benefits, preserving culture and developing human resources, including women’s groups

Finally, we are only a small team in the office, but a large unity with the indigenous communities with enthusiasm to introduce to you the archipelago of Indonesia from the deepest side that is often forgotten, yet have lots of beauty.

Ronny Hendrawan