Let’s promote responsible tourism

Indonesia with eastern traditions is known as a polite and friendly people. Of course as visitors you must also pay attention to customs and habits of local. With the concept of indigenous community-based tourism, we would like to invite anyone to implement a responsible travel ethics, so as to create a pleasant atmosphere of travel without harming anyone.

Respect Customs and Habits
• Indigenous peoples have customary rules that they adhere to. Let’s respect them too. Communication will be very important to clarify what can and may not be done in an indigenous community
• The wisdom, local knowledge and cultural expression can be very different and contrary to your own. We don’t come to judge, but to respect each other’s customs and habits.
• Nusantara Kita encourages indigenous people to independently run tourism management in their communities. By using services of the local community (guides, cooks, local transportation, homestay, porters, cleaners and so on). You will participate in implementing the principle of sharing economy.

Our program offers a live-in concept in indigenous communities. You will stay in local houses with your host family. There will be different conditions of the existing home model. In some communities you will get rooms reserved exclusively for guests. In other places you can feel living in a traditional house, which still maintains its originality: a shared room for guests, a wooden floor with a mattress, just simple facilities. What is clear, the host will provide the best to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

Food and Drink
Living with locals, of course you will enjoy daily food in the local community. Guests eat what the host eats. We encourage people to serve local traditional cuisine, not only for you to taste like locals, but also for them to preserve traditional way of culinary. Of course special needs such as diet, certain restrictions or vegetarianism can be conveyed first. Please note in some community alcoholic drink might be forbidden, but in other you can try traditional wine.

We offer a program with lots of outdoor activities, get to know people’s daily life. Walk around the village, trekking to the forest, mountain hike, rice fields, boat the rivers, swim the beaches and so on. Also learn the culture from stories, music, dance, and even children traditional games.

Location and Access
Many indigenous communities are located in ‘remote’ locations and difficult to access by transportation or telecommunications. It surely add the element of adventure in your trip, but it’s a good idea to get information as clear as possible related to modes of transportation, communication services and also financial needs like ATM or Bank. We will be happy to help all your questions about this.

Mutual sharing
By purchasing our tour program, you already be a part of developing economic independence of the community, including women group. You also help the community to revive old traditions, preserve their customs and culture, including arts, crafts, traditional houses, local cuisine, and so on, and of course help the community preserve the natural environment.

Respect the people, protect the nature