Message from indigenous communities

It can be said that the conditions of indigenous peoples in Indonesia are still tinged with many sad stories. Thousands of indigenous communities or millions of people who inhabit areas rich in natural resources and rich in culture, still have not received full recognition from the State. Not infrequently they also get discrimination treatment of social political policies. They are treated only as objects of policy. On the other hand, the lack of skills and education makes indigenous peoples considered lazy and easy victims of expropriation of their customary territories.

Therefore, the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN), a traditional community organization, campaigns for independence and economic sovereignty as one of its visions. Through Indigenous Tourism, indigenous people can show their true identity, by independently managing their resources, continuing to preserve nature as inherited by the ancestors.

AMAN has a membership of more than 2000 indigenous communities spread across 30 provinces, 215 districts and more than 3000 villages. All include areas with panoramic beauty, diversity of flora and fauna, different cultural riches, with pre-historic relics, traditional rituals, dance, music and games, traditional medicine, to traditional culinary.

AMAN continues to strive to keep all that going forward, and with indigenous community-based tourism, we have high hope that one day the indigenous peoples of the archipelago will be better known, recognized and respected.

Arifin Saleh
AMAN’s Deputy of Economy